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Dec 9, 2013 1:50am EST
, i showed the next woman where the pockets of energy or the pockets of money were. it is like bringing the next one along. it is so exciting, because we have to find ways to really expand these numbers. we cannot just keep moving along. it takes 200 years at the rate we are going. i am not kidding. literally. you have to find ways to say, we already have one woman in this state come hell or high water. we are going to run a woman for governor and a woman for senator in that very state. and by the way, once you get two, it is more likely you will have a third, like in new hampshire. >> this is good news for our female gubernatorial candidates. >> the political parity project is a little bit unusual. if you are from here, our votes cancel out each other's every electoral cycle. and she raised money on several occasions for my opponent when i ran for governor. it is not immediately apparent why we would come together and work together to get more women into politics. we both felt that all of the wonderful efforts that everyone had been working on for so many years, and you actual
Dec 8, 2013 11:25pm EST
now you have a situation where let's say there's an part in building for the energy committee and the night before that vote, some members of congress will literally go out and hold fundraisers on the eve of the vote. and if people don't make the right contributions or they don't make enough or generate enough enthusiasm, they may abstain. they may not vote or show up for their vote. so it puts companies and its industries in the position where they feel like they have to make donations. why not try to separate lawmaking from money making and say money making takes place and then they could use the rest of the money accordingly. but finally, i think the ultimate solution to all of this is what i alluded to earlier. why is it that washington dc has become so fabulously wealthy? why is there so much money flowing into that city? why is there so much money to be made? fundamentally it is about one thing. it's about the size and scope of government because it is indeed true that if you give politicians the opportunity to do something for you, they can also do something to you. and
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2